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Maternal and Infant Health

Birth Justice Solano 2022

Birth Justice Solano 2022

Solano Commission For Women & Girls is hosting our annual Birth Justice Solano Event to bring "education, awareness, and solutions towards better birth outcomes." The program invites any and every one from the community to come together, share space, and share stories in order to bring awareness and empower women, mothers, parents, pregnant folks, and families.











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From our 2020 Status Report On Women and Girls In Solano County:

  • In Solano County, while birth outcomes improved through a decline in babies born with low birth weight, there are still disparities found among sub- populations, indicating disproportionate access to essential prenatal education and support.

  • Solano County’s rate of infant mortality (5.7) exceeds the state rate (4.2), although both meet the Healthy People 2020 objective of infant death rates being
    6.0 or below.

  • Prenatal and birth risk factors in Solano County vary by race or ethnicity, with Hispanic/
    Latina and African American women being the least likely to access prenatal care within 6.7% the 1st trimester. Asian/Pacific Islander and African American children are the most likely to be born preterm and with low birth weight.

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